Las Vegas Hotel Review: The Palazzo

Part of a series on our trip to Las Vegas in April 2019.

We typically like to stay in the center Strip area, so this was our first time at the Palazzo/Venetian. The spacious suites work out very well for families. Children need more down time than adults, so while Mr. TwK and I might spend all day outside when we’re on our own and only go back to our hotel to sleep, we find that we end up spending much more time at our accommodations when we travel with the kids. We therefore prefer either spacious hotel rooms or Airbnbs, so that we don’t feel so cramped.

The beds are large and comfortable, and the sitting area is great for hanging out and resting. My kids used the dining table to do their homework on.

The bathroom is spacious as well with a separate tub and shower. The shower head is basic but water pressure was excellent.

Our room faced the Strip and we had a view of the pool area and Treasure Island across the street. The room came equipped with blackout curtains that worked very well.

The Palazzo has a great pool complex. Most guests are going to be in or around the main pool. It has large shallow areas on either end. There is a hot tub off to the side.

To the left of the main pool is another narrow long pool that tends to be quieter and emptier. This pool also has shallow ends and a hot tub right beside it. The second time we visited the pools we hung out here, and there was only one other family (whose dad was at the same conference as Mr. TwK). We did constantly remind our children to play quietly and not make too much noise, as the other people lounging by the pool were probably there for the peace and quiet. This isn’t necessary in the main pool because it’s pretty noisy already. While I was in the hot tub I was also reminded by the lifeguard that Kid #2 was too young to be in the pool by herself, so I got out, but then another lifeguard told me I didn’t actually have to be in the pool with her, just watching from the side.

One of the days the pool complex was closed due to strong winds. I gather this isn’t uncommon in Vegas. In 2018, we were there in early August and strong winds also caused the cancellation of pool parties at Defcon.

Besides the pool, the mall in the Venetian has a lot of interesting stores and things for kids to do. We wandered around there quite a bit, and it was convenient to be able to access everything without having to go the long way around outside. My kids even thought riding the escalators was fun. We passed by Madame Tussauds several times and it looked popular, but wax museums creep me out so we didn’t go in.

When we had some time to kill one afternoon waiting for Mr. TwK, we did the indoor gondola ride. It was a relaxing activity and the kids liked it, but nothing to write home about.

Bottom Line:

I think the Venetian and the Palazzo are a great choice when staying in Vegas with kids. While it is a little bit to the north of the Strip, it’s pretty easy to take the Monorail, the Tram, or an Uber to other areas that you might want to visit. I do recommend not trying to get to everywhere on foot because Vegas blocks are long, it can be hot outside, and you don’t want kids who are too tired to enjoy the activity by the time you get there.

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