Las Vegas Sights: Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Part of a series on our trip to Las Vegas in April 2019.

When I told my dentist that we were headed to Vegas with our kids, he insisted that we had to check out Circus Circus. It was a great suggestion and my kids had a blast at the Adventuredome. I don’t know if it was the time of year (not a school holiday) or the day of the week (Thursday), but the theme park was pretty deserted. We saw some teenagers and older kids, who mostly seemed interested in the roller coasters and thrill rides. We never had to wait for any of the little kid rides, and sometimes we were the only ones on there.

I bought the unlimited wristbands for the kids and just a ticket for myself for one of the 4-D shows, as I have motion sickness and didn’t really fancy going on any of the rides. For the rides where Kid #2 was too short to go on without an adult, the operator accepted Kid #1 as her escort. Ironic because she’s actually more likely to follow the rules than her older brother, but together I trust them to keep each other in line.

The only time we waited was for one of the 4-D shows. There was no attendant and nobody in line, but from all indications the ride was open. We hung around and eventually an attendant came out to tell us that they would be ready for us soon. We were the only audience and had a choice of which show we wanted to see. I really wanted to see the Ice Age one, but the kids wanted Sponge Bob, so Sponge Bob it was.

After we were done with the rides, we got to see a fun clown show.

I had never been to Circus Circus before, so was more than a little confused by the layout. The Adventuredome is on the second floor, but it is not connected to the other second floor part with the circus shows and the midway. Around lunchtime my kids got hungry and I promised them McDonald’s, which according to Google Maps wasn’t far away, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get to it. The weird thing was nobody else I asked seemed to know either.

I finally did manage to find someone who knew his way around. We had to walk on the first floor all the way to the other end of the casino, then go up the stairs where the slot machines were. There are clear signs here pointing upstairs. We emerged in a bright arcade area and enjoyed the circus act for a while, then made our way to the McDonald’s for lunch.

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