Las Vegas with Kids

In April 2019, we headed to Sin City for three nights with our kiddos. Mr. TwK was attending a conference at the Venetian. Las Vegas is a couple’s destination for us, and this was originally supposed to be a couple’s trip, but our childcare plans fell through and we ended up bringing the kids along. It was our first time in Vegas with kids, and obviously very different from our previous trips (think parks instead of night clubs), but all of us had a great time. I still think Vegas isn’t on the top of my family destinations list, but there sure isn’t a lack of things for kids to do there.

Check out the links below for reviews on where we stayed and what we did:

Our flights were regular economy with Southwest. We didn’t have trouble finding seats together on the way there. On the way back we boarded a little late, but some very nice fellow passengers volunteered to switch seats so that we could sit beside our kids. We didn’t have any checked luggage.

There are so many good food options in Vegas that I don’t think even the pickiest kids will ever run out of things to eat. We had a couple meals at Bruxie’s, our favorite chicken and waffles spot. Our kids found the fried chicken a little too spiced for their tastes. The crème brulee waffle was a hit though.

They really enjoyed the Flamingo buffet, with the added benefit of getting to walk around the garden and see the flamingos afterwards. Buffets work well for kids because there are lots of options and they don’t have to wait for the food, but at the same time they’re not adventurous eaters, so the fancier buffets with more exotic options would probably be lost on them.

Sugar Factory was another huge hit. I happened to see a Groupon deal and it was just across the street from our hotel, so we decided to check it out. While they don’t have a specific kid’s menu, they have a lot of options that kids would be willing to eat. My kids loved the rainbow sliders, and it even came with a toy duck to take home. Mr. TwK loved the donut burger. And of course, we had to get one of their insane milkshakes.

The kids and I ate at the Grand Lux Café one night when Mr. TwK had a business dinner, mostly for the convenience, as it was right beside the elevators to our room. It’s basically the Cheesecake Factory with a smaller menu.

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