Las Vegas Sights: The High Roller

Part of a series on our trip to Las Vegas in April 2019.

All the times we’ve been to Vegas, we’ve never been on the High Roller. Mr. TwK thought it was lame, and I didn’t think it was worth dragging him on there. But Ferris wheels are always popular with my kids, so I decided it would be a fun activity to do with them while Mr. TwK was otherwise occupied.

To get to the High Roller, you have to walk the entire length of The LINQ Promenade. Alternatively, you can take the zipline down and save yourself the walk. Unfortunately, neither of my kids made the minimum weight restrictions for the zipline, and Kid #2 didn’t make the minimum height, so we’ll have to save that experience for another time.

I really do like The LINQ Promenade, not least because there’s an In-N-Out Burger there. There’s also a café that makes ice cream cones shaped like a flower.

The High Roller is most popular at night, so during the daytime it will most likely be pretty empty. They seem to always have Groupon deals, so it’s worth it to check if there’s a deal that fits your party before buying a ticket at the door.

It was fun stepping into the big glass ball. Once inside, there’s a decent amount of seating, especially if there aren’t very many people with you.

The whole ride takes about 30 minutes. It’s very important to remind young children to use the restrooms before you get on.

My kids got a little bored about halfway into the ride. I thought it was interesting getting to see the grounds of some of the hotels that we haven’t stayed at from a bird’s eye view. The vantage point is amazing, and the cabin is very comfortable. The motion is barely perceptible, so no worries for those with motion sickness.

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