Las Vegas Sights: Downtown Container Park and Fremont Street

Part of a series on our trip to Las Vegas in April 2019.

Las Vegas has put a lot of effort into revitalizing the downtown area, with fantastic results. The container park is just a couple blocks from the main Fremont Street area. It has an amazing playground as well as lots of foam toys and comfortable seating for parents. There are a variety of restaurants and shops, with everything made out of shipping containers. Truly a unique park for kids to explore.

The playground looked so cool that I climbed up onto the treehouse myself to check it out.

The place was filled with families but didn’t feel crowded. Kid #1 immediately fell in with a group of boys playing war and Kid #2 befriended another little girl. The live music performers on the stage were surprisingly good. I could easily see our family spending a whole day here. If we lived in Vegas, this would probably be a regular hangout.

From the container park, it’s an easy walk to the Fremont Street Experience. There’s another zipline here in case you missed the one at The LINQ. Prepare for some crowds and sensory overload here, as you’ll basically be surrounded by lights, sounds, and performers from every direction, including over your head. Surprisingly Kid #1 wasn’t bothered by it.

Even though we didn’t eat here, it seemed like the food options are generally lower priced than the Strip. With all the things to do, it would be a good option to spend a day here and avoid some of the Strip’s marked-up prices. A notable landmark is the Heart Attack Grill, where you eat for free if you are over 350 lbs.!

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