Victoria Airbnb Review: New Home in Langford

Part of a series on our trip to Victoria in May 2019.

In previous trips to Victoria, we have stayed at both the Fairmont Empress and the Hotel Grand Pacific. We much prefer the latter. Its location is just as good as the Fairmont, it’s typically priced lower, the property is just as nice, and best of all, it has an awesome pool with a large area for kids . Our friends stayed there and liked it very much.

This time we had some things we had to do in Langford, so we decided to rent an Airbnb there and see what it is like to be a “local.” Langford is a suburb of Victoria, about twenty minutes by car with no traffic.

The Airbnb we stayed at was toward the south of Langford, in a very quiet neighborhood, but still convenient to get to if you have a car. It was an absolutely lovely house, with cleanliness and décor on par with a model home. The kitchen was fully stocked. I made tea in the mornings and there were more than enough plates and utensils for us to eat fruit and dessert in the evenings. The pictures don’t do it justice. We loved it and would definitely stay there again.

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We paid in total just over $200 USD for two nights, including taxes and cleaning. Not bad considering the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend. The booking and communication with our host Michelle were perfectly smooth. We didn’t have to bug her very much, but Michelle was always very quick to respond. The house came with a detailed guidebook and we had no trouble with the WiFi, TV, etc.

Langford is a typical suburb with abundant big box stores, restaurants, and parks. We had a great time one evening at the Juan de Fuca pool. Swimming pools and community centers in Canada tend to be way nicer than in the States, and this was no exception. I didn’t take a camera into the pool so don’t have any pictures, but here’s a couple from the Internet.

My kids loved the expansive kids pool with the lazy river. There were lots of toys and floaties for them to play with. The water was warm and very comfortable to just hang out in. The big slide was only open for a short amount of time. Kid #1 wasn’t interested and Kid #2 was too short, so we didn’t try it out, but it didn’t seem very busy. There is a small slide in the kids pool that they went down many times.

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