Victoria Food Review: Beavertails

Part of a series on our trip to Victoria in May 2019.

I’ll confess, I think we have an unhealthy addiction to this place. Not only do we come here multiple times on every Victoria trip, we’ve been known to come here multiple times on the same day. If that isn’t a sign of addiction, I don’t know what is. (Many of the pictures in this post are from previous trips.)

If you’ve ever had an elephant ear at a fair, a beavertail is pretty much the same thing. It’s basically a flat piece of fried dough that is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar or other toppings. It reminds me a little bit of a type of traditional Chinese breakfast pastry that I used to eat as a child, and maybe that’s why I like it so much. (That doesn’t explain why Mr. TwK and the kids like it just as much though.)

The Beavertails shop in Victoria downtown is a hole in wall with an awning and a couple of tables on the sidewalk. Besides various flavors of beavertail, they also sell ice cream, smoothies, poutine, hot dogs made from beavertail dough, and some other snacks. Their poutines are pretty good too.

We’ve tried some of their other flavors but generally stick with the cinnamon sugar. Mr. Twk will sometimes get the Nutella one, but I prefer to not have the topping overpower the taste of the fried dough.

Writing this post has reminded me that there is another must-visit food spot in Canada that we are also addicted to.

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