Printable Multiplication Table and Practice

When I set out to teach Kid #1 the multiplication table earlier this year, I thought it would be pretty easy to download one off the Internet. But it turns out that Kid #1 had specific needs that no amount of Googling could cover:

  1. I only wanted half the table, the parts that don’t repeat. For instance, 2×3 is the same as 3×2, so I didn’t want the 3×2 part. Kid #1 understood this and could use this rule to solve problems, but when memorizing the table the repeated parts just distracted him.
  2. The lines should be different colors so that his eyes can follow a line easily and not get confused.
  3. It should look fine printed out in black and white, since we don’t have a color printer.
  4. I wanted a version of the table that is empty, so that he can practice filling it in.

So eventually I decided to make my own, and voila! This is what it looks like:

Later I also added the column format for extra practice. You can download the PDF here:

Download Multiplication Table PDF

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