Victoria Food Review: Frankie’s Modern Diner

Part of a series on our trip to Victoria in May 2019.

We like to eat at Frankie’s when we’re in downtown Victoria because of the extensive kids’ menu. The location is super convenient, the dining room is comfortable and classy, the food is great, and the prices are reasonable. We’ve come here for both lunch and dinner, and have never had to wait.

Besides the usual offerings on kids’ menus like pizza and spaghetti, they also have maple glazed salmon and many breakfast options. Kid #2 loves salmon. The kids’ menu options come with ice cream for dessert.

We’ve liked everything that we’ve tried on their menu. The vegetarian curried penne I had on this trip was especially good and unique (it’s on the sweet side, which I like). Their specialty meatballs are very good as well, and they have some great soup, salad, and sandwich deals.

I would avoid ordering cocktails because alcohol is much more expensive in Canada, so restaurants tend to be pretty stingy about it in mixed drinks. To be fair, we’ve never actually gotten a cocktail from Frankie’s, so maybe they are an exception, but I’ve had enough drinks where I’ve actually questioned if there’s any alcohol in there that we just avoid them altogether when we’re in Canada.

Unfortunately we’ve always been too full to try the desserts, but they certainly look good! We’ll have to remember to save room on a future visit.

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