Victoria Sights: Beacon Hill Park and Children’s Farm

Part of a series on our trip to Victoria in May 2019.

We didn’t visit Beacon Hill Park on this particular trip, though we have on previous trips. Our friends paid a visit on the day that we were occupied in Langford. We think it is definitely a must-visit spot if you are in Victoria with children (and it’s not pouring rain).

Beacon Hill Park is just a couple minutes’ drive from downtown Victoria. There is a large parking lot right across from the Children’s Farm. Admission to the farm is by donation (bring cash!), and once inside you can expect a variety of farm animals including pigs, chickens, alpacas, miniature horses, etc. Peacocks range freely and there is a goat petting area. Our friends got to see and pet baby goats!

The farm is not very big, but it’s clean and well-organized. The pretty red barn buildings are very photogenic. Also, if you come here early in the morning right when they open, you get to witness the “running of the goats,” where they open the gates of the goat enclosure and let them run through the farm to the petting area. It’s hilarious 😊.

Beacon Hill Park also contains a large playground that can be reached by walking down some scenic footpaths from the Children’s Farm. It seems to be very popular with the locals, judging by all the families there. The restrooms are in this area as well.

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