Port Angeles Sights: Olympic Game Farm

I mentioned before that when we drive to Victoria from Seattle and have the time, we prefer to get to Port Angeles a little earlier so that we can do some activities in the Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic Game Farm is a great place to visit with kids. It’s also a quick and convenient visit, because you drive through the whole thing in your car, which means that there’s no need to even take little kids out of their car seats or mess with strollers. In the summer they do offer walking tours, if you prefer to stretch your legs.

Unlike a regular zoo, most of the animals roam free and you are driving through their habitat (with the exception of predators like tigers and bears, of course). Visitors can purchase loaves of wheat bread at the entrance ($3 per loaf) and feed the animals that come up to the car. You can bring your own bread but it must be whole wheat. The animals are so conditioned to getting food from cars that there’s no need to worry about enticing them to you; more often you’re going to feel like you’re being swamped.

Kid #2 was really excited about the idea of feeding and petting the animals from the car, up until the first deer stuck its head through her window. Then she became terrified and absolutely refused to let us open her window for the rest of the visit. Oh well. Kid #1 handled it better and we kept his window half open most of the way.

We had an incident with the elks where one of them stuck her head all the way in my window and grabbed a whole unopened loaf of bread off my lap. My first, instinctive reaction was that I had to get it back from her, to prevent her from ingesting the plastic packaging. So that’s what I did, reaching out and somehow wrestling the bag of bread out of the elk’s mouth, while Mr. TwK watched in shock. To this day whenever we mention this place, he tells people that his wife wrestled an elk for food and won.

The bears, some of which were seriously cute and resembled teddy bears, were kept behind enclosures. You can still feed them by tossing bread (practice your bread throwing skills!), but some were so full and sleepy that they ignored our overtures. Lions, tigers, and wolves were kept in cages.

Keep in mind that your car will definitely get dirty, so washing your car before coming here would be a waste of time/money. We had animals licking our closed windows and rubbing up against all sides of the car. Your admission gives you an all day pass, so you can drive through multiple times if you wish. Note that even though the park tells you not to stop in the elk and bison fields, not everyone will heed this warning and you might get stuck behind another vehicle (this is partly how the incident with the elk happened).

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